I'm doing a lot better thaks to Jon Jerome and Cindy Feldhaus & everyone else at H.E.R.O.E.S Care.  When my transmission went out, I was pretty low, but the people at Welcome Home said not to worry, they knew people who might help.  Well, they knew some people and by the end of March I should be driving again.

Thanks again,
Harry Minor

I picked the boxes up from our Warehouse yesterday.

Had a meeting with my American Legion last night, or I would have contacted you earlier.
I have no words.  The bags are fantastic.  My folks are going to be overwhelmed.

Thank you for making me look good!

Airman & Family Readiness Program Manager
171st Force Support Squadron
Coraopolis PA

Hello! My name is Page Jackson, I had the opportunity to come out this past weekend with my son Wright's Rockets Hockey Team coached by Kevin Whitworth. I wanted to say thank you for all you are doing. I brought two of my sons and this was an awesome opportunity and experience for us all. Both of my parents are retired Marine Corps Captains and I couldn't be more proud to support an organization like yours.

Page, Volunteer

My air conditioning went out on the hottest weekend of the year a few months after my husband deployed. I called y local repairman and he got it fixed before the weekend was over. H.E.R.O.S. paid the amount it cost me on my next utility bill. It was really awesome to have this help this deployment.

mllily, Client Served


My name is Ian and i am a former sailor stationed out of San Diego California, out of my two deployments H.E.R.O.E.S. Care has has provided not just me but my entire department with care packages. This act was a huge moral booster for my team when working conditions are harsh, days are long and food is poor. Also they have provided my fathers organization for community out reach in Hazelwood that helps families in need at Christmas time with food and clothing items when fallen on hard times. This is definitely an honest organization were donations and community involvement should be applied.

Thank You HEROES care

I have volunteered for H.E.R.O.S care many times! Each time I have gotten to see the amazing things they can do to help our military community and their families. One of the ways they have been a tremendous help is with their event suits for soldiers in the Fenton/ St. Louis MO area. This event has helped soldiers and their family's dress for success and have an outfit ready for interviews, formal events, or even office events. This organization can help in so many ways and we appreciate everything they do for us! They have also hosted other events such as coats and coffee which helps supply families with coats for the winter to those that don't have one or are in need of a new one.

SamA2, Volunteer

I love volunteering at Heroes Care. I went with a friend once and keep on coming. Great people, lots of fun. Always something to do. Lots of laughs!


H.E.R.O.E.S CARE INC is a phenominal organization that continues to provide my precinct with goodies, so we never go without!!! They always go above and to ensure we have the best of the best and they are so greatly appreciated.

This organization is a life saver!! A few weeks after my husband deployed my mother suddenly passed away. While focusing on 2 kiddos under the age of 10 and taking care of family obligations and funeral needs, I woke up to a bat in our attic at 3 am. I contacted H.E.R.O.E.S. Care to see if they could help cover any expenses for Animal Control. The vendor came to our house and patched up a few areas where there was potential problem areas for critters to get in our home. H.E.R.O.E.S Care spoke with the vendor to cover the expense while I could focus on caring for my family and spending time with my family during our loss. This was one less stress that was lifted because of H.E.R.O.E.S. Care. Thank you so much.

Laws F., Client Served

I have complete respect and trust with this non profit. Helped me obtain what I needed to resource and navigate quickly. Wanted to help even when I hadn’t responded due to health issues. We’re persistent to make sure I was okay.

Made sure monthly to initiate contact. My only regret is not being more respectful and answering them sooner. As my health was declining, there willingness to want to help was beyond appreciated.

Thank you for what you do to help our service members and veterans.

respectfullywritten - Client Served

We had nearly given up and was trying to face the fact there really wasn't the kind of help we needed available anywhere. And then the phone rang just after receiving an email containing the same news! My husband, who is an Army Veteran had been approved for assistance to secure his 100+ year old family home, our home. It was scheduled to be sold on on the County court house steps for real estate back taxes in August after falling behind because of a disabling assault some years back.
This organization has individuals working for veterans and their families who are answering prayers for so many. We felt like family when we arrived at their facility and I was left speechless with every single act of kindness and generosity. Thank you Heroes Care!

sarglx4, Client Served

My teamand I are overwhelmed with the support from HEROES CARE we just received and perfect timing as well. 
We are nearing the 5 month mark on this trip and logistical support of personal essentials, snacks and creature comforts has been a challenge.  Typically, my more remote locations have a PX truck that shows up every 3-5 weeks depending on the threat level.  As you can imagine a single truck shared with a decent number of people has its challenges.  Nonetheless, everything in the 20+ care packages was put to an excellent use.  Morale is at a new high. 

The timing was perfect as I am about to make another trip through our remote locations and they were desperately needing these packages.  I will for sure take them when we go. 

Again, a huge thank you for everything you all have done for me, my family, my team and our Veterans 


This is an AWESOME organization that assists the veterans in so many ways. I was so IMPRESSED with their mission and all the efforts they put in to assist the vets and their families. The staff is sooo incredibly DEDICATED and constantly continues to go way out of their way to meet the needs of each individual. It is hearwarming and rewarding to be apart of this organization to voulunteer at and watch the team work together. This is an organization that really CARES!

GerryMueller123, Volunteer

As long time volunteer for many different charities i have to say that Heroes Care is my favorite Charity. They do such a great job taking care of veterans and their needs in so many ways, including their families; providing them with essentials for everyday life.

tess21, Volunteer

As a volunteer, 30 year military spouse and military mother of 2, I treasure and appreciate the work of H E R O E S care. Their understanding of the needs of our Military personnel and their families is awesome and on point. I cannot express how much I appreciate all of the work and compassion of the members of HEROES Care.

KathyBB, Volunteer

Heroes Care offers current military, military families and veterans incredible support. It feels like an honor volunteering for this organization. Everyone who works here and volunteers has been friendly and professional.

R0sie1789, Volunteer

Great organization that goes above and beyond for military veterans and their families! Voluntering for H.E.R.O.E.S. Care has been a wonderful opportunity.

stacyfijan, Volunteer


MYERSK, Volunteer

I started volunteering for HEROES Care a few months ago. They are very welcoming, friendly, and flexible. My friend and I volunteer once a week together and we always look forward to coming.

kfalkemiller, Volunteer

I have been donating my time at Heroes Care for over four
years now and I love being a part of this great organization. It's such a wonderful feeling of giving back and helping the men and women of the service and their families. It's the very least I can do. The people of Heroes Care have made me feel like family. I plan on doing my part for years to come. Thanks for all you guys do to make these families feel loved while their loved ones are serving our country. Kudos to you all.

CFISHER12, Volunteer

Hello! My name is Joshua Travis, I had received financial assistance from your organization in the past. I would just like to say Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your gratitude, help to me and my family. In addition, I want to give back to your organization!  If there are any events or social functions that your company having in my area or aboard I would love to be in here for it.


Jon and Dave were HUGE help when we went to move our Army National Guard Recruiting Storefront to new location. We had mis-matched furniture and items that Soldiers had built themselves, but nice furniture is hard to come by. Our recruiters work day in and day out to find qualified applicants and help young men and women serve their country-and they needed an office to boost morale and professional space for their daily appointments with families. it was amazing to see an organization so willing to help us put together a professional appearance for their office. THANK YOU to HEROES Care for their generosity and help. We are so grateful that HEROES Care was willing and able to accommodate needs and find the resources to help out our local Soldiers and Vets. We now (thanks to THEM!) have new office furniture and storage that not only matches the professional atmosphere with the high caliber character of the Soldiers that serve and work in this office daily. Appreciate all that you do and your generosity! Organizations like you are a GEM!

This charity is amazing when it comes to help and support our military families!!
Once per year here in Ohio this charity gives brand new suits to our present serving and post 911 veterans. Not just suits!! They also received shirts, ties and shoes. Ohio is a reservist State and these soldiers are looking for jobs. H. E. R. O. E. S Care wants to help these soldiers get the job that they are looking for. Appearance is everything when applying for a job. This charity does anything to help and support our warriors. During a deployment the loved one left behind can be paired with a battle buddy to share the good times and listen during the bad times as well. I am proud to be a Hometown Volunteer!

madeloneil, Volunteer

We had excellent training at Harbor UMC for H.E.R.O.E.S. Care. This ministry is doing wonderful things for service members and families who are too often left to deal with their struggles on their own, or insufficiently at best. The training was a real eye opener for me and gave me a totally new appreciation for service members and their families. I highly recommend this organization.

Terri Brook, Harbor UMC, Wilmington NC, Volunteer

HEROES Care provides outstanding support of military members within the local community. Members of our Air Force unit provide volunteer support as well as receive support. HEROES Care has gone above and beyond to support unit-specific events to include pre and post deployment events as well as an annual Family Day. The organization has brought support to over 1200 members. To repay all they do for our members, we have attempted to repay by providing volunteers. During these events, they have given even more to the volunteers by ensuring the wellbeing of members comes first.

Each year my St. Louis Rockets Youth Hockey Team participates in a community project with the cooperation with HEROES Care. Our kids raise money, collect items and then get the chance to send Care Packages to our Military members deployed overseas. This year we send 50 Care packages. It is a great learning experience for my 8 and 9 year olds. This year we even had players from our follow hockey club, the Twin Bridges Lighting help raise money and collect item at their local rink in East Alton, Illinois. The best part about that is the rink manager of the East Alton Ice Rick is an old Navy crew chief that was stationed on the USS Nimitz during his time in the Navy many years ago. HEROES Care helped make sure we were able to send some of our 50 Care Packages to the Nimitz in honor of Larry Thatcher in East Alton.

And what really gets the kids excited is when we get emails , videos, and letters from the soldiers and sailors that received our packages. It is very touching to receive a Certificate of Appreciation with a Flag from a branch of our Military.

We are just a very tiny part of what HEROES Cares does for our our military community and families nationwide. I am very proud to be affiliated with them and look forward to our 2020 project.

God Bless America,

Kevin Whitworth
St. Louis Rockets
Winterland Ice Hockey
St. Louis, Mo.


I am a single Soldier with seven children, and recently was donated new furniture that my family was in dire need for. H.E.R.O.E.S Care made it real easy to pick up, and also gave me more resources for future help.

Keke C., Client Served

Heroes care does so much for the men and women and their families in the service. Thank you for all you do!

thatgirlq, Client Served

Thank You for your support for the Baby Shower we had on May 7th for 15 veterans and their families at the Illiana VA in Danville, Illinois. Each family took home a large cart overflowing with items. Some of the veterans mentioned that without this event they would not have had what they needed to care for their 'new arrival'. Thank You again for your support.


I would like to publicly thank an organization called Heroes Care. Last year I was having great difficulty a few months before my retirement was available to me.

Heroes Care came along and helped in several ways. I was not exactly homeless but close to it. For those last couple of months they assisted with utilities and rent until retirement kicked in.

A lot of my situation was because my old car had bitten the dust. So many times having a reliable vehicle is key to doing things. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Heroes Care was working behind the scenes to help with that. Last Veteran’s Day I was asked to attend a meeting that turned out to be a little overwhelming. Heroes Care worked with another organization to get me a car! Now I’m getting around to meetings and interviews as well as volunteering as much as possible at the Heroes Care offices.

Thanks so much to them!
Jerry Airsman
U.S. Marine Corps

There are barely words to describe how amazing H.E.R.O.E.S. Care, Inc is. From their mission, to their connections in the community and more importantly, surgically placing services and goods donated by amazing companies and individuals with military members and their families when they need them the most is simply unbelievable. Their mission is pure and they execute it - every single day. Serving the military community is not an after thought on an inconvenience - it is in their lifeblood. Their passion has resulted in thousands of military members and their families being taken care of in ways that mean everything to them. When they may not have the resources handy, they know who does. They connect need and military members like no other. I've been in the military for 37 years and have NEVER seen this level of support and gratitude from a support organization. This is the real deal and I'm so blessed to experience the organization, its founders and their mission. Thank you - HEROES Care - isn't enough. You create connections - and there isn't a moment in your presence, or interactions with you, where we lack for care and concern.

jsharonwayne, Client Served

If it wasn't for them I would not of had the Christmas present to give my grandchildren last year. They're all the best people I have ever meet. Thank you so much for everything you do for my family. God Bless You All.

Kim Cooper.
mommakim, Client Served

My name is Karen and recently my life turned upside down from a progressive diagnosis with my cervical spine. I am a veteran and worked with the Heroes' Care organization in my career. I guess this time it was my turn. I was in excruciating pain when I went in to meet Rob Sheahan and the crew at the Fenton, MO location. Rob to this day continues to be a veteran advocate for me especially with dealing with the John Cochran and Jefferson Barracks divisions of the VA system. Since November, they have not provided adequate care for my condition which has led to where I am today; disabled, living with a friend and my life in storage. When I first went to see Rob, the AC in my car was out and it was literally 100+ degrees in sweltering heat. I had no money, no food, nothing. I had been out of work for weeks and going downhill fast. They helped me repair my car, they gave me a credit card for gas so I could make my doctors appointments and they provided me food. I was so down and depressed, Rob as well as the rest of the team, lifted my spirits giving me the will to carry on. Along with the initial meeting, I also asked Rob to escort me on my VA visits as being in pain, you need an advocacy agent with you to protect you. I know that is hard to believe but its the truth. The VA does not want me in their pain management program and they are inconsistent with treatment which is the worst action to take against me. He gave me the name of people to call & one of them from Ann Wagner's office was the one who finally stepped in and the VA responded. Unfortunately, it was short lived but I was grateful to have a month of managing my pain. Now, Rob is helping me fight the battle to be Fee Based out for my pain management because they once again negated to treat me & I had to move in with a friend who is 50 miles from the nearest VA pain clinic. Too be honest with you, I would be happy to NEVER go back to the VA ever again in my life. Rob is seeing first hand the treatment veterans are given and he has been a wonderful advocate for me; often lifting my spirits and bringing sense to what is happening to me. I want you to know how much this organization means to me. Without them, I seriously doubt I would be sitting here typing this message to you. They understand the barriers veterans face and their assistance is remarkable! Thank you Heroes' Care from the bottom of my heart. When I stabilize and get well, my intent is to volunteer & hopefully help Rob advocate for our veterans.

Writer, Client Served

I loved working with everyone and appreciated their commitment and help while I was Family Readiness Group leader. They were always helpful with family events for the unit as well as individual help for the soldiers and families. Great group of people.

ldulaney, Client Served

I work for a company that donates gently used toys and other children's items to H.E.R.O.E.S. CARE, Inc. It is inspiring to know the drivers who come all the way to the warehouse in Ohio, to pick up the toys, and then, drive them all the way to Missouri. These drivers volunteer for this with no compensation except to help people in need.

sandra.holman1, Donor

This place has helped me and my family with so much.

Cameron F.1, Client

I have been involved with HEROES Care for a few years now as a community project for my young athletes. Giving them a chance to collect money and items so they could send care packages to our soldiers deployed overseas. It has been a great experience for not just the kids but the families too.

This past May my High School age son had to pick a non-profit company to volunteer for as a school requirement as a Junior at Vianney High School. It was a month long duty. He selected HEROES Care as the location for him to volunteer due to the help they give to families and soldiers.

As a parent, you want to see you child grow and my son 's experience at HEROES Care was far more then we expected. I had never heard my son say before he was looking forward to go to work until this past month. He was able to see that organizing a non-profit company is not all paperwork and takes volunteers to make it work. He had a chance to experience things he had never experienced in his life so far making him a better young man.

What HEROES Care does affects far more than the Military Families they take care of. The life lessons that they teach to volunteers and people involved far exceeds anything people getting involve expect.

I tip my hat to the folks at HEROES Care for a job well done!!!!


The Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 794 of Florissant, MO has made Donations the
Last 4 years to HEROES Care. We have seen up close and very Personal the Great Work done by this Military & VET Support Group. With a Very Small Staff and a Group of Volunteers the
Fine Folks at HEROES CARE are the Real Heroes for Military families. We ask all the VET Groups in MO, IL and Around the country to ADOPT them and Help their GREAT Cause.

Bill Kiefer, Sgt. US Marine Corps - Vietnam - Membership in MARINE CORPS LEAGUE, American Legion, AMVETS, Navy League, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Vietnam Vets and the POW-MIA Museum at Historic Jefferson Barracks Board member.

I was connected with HEROES Care my the US Navy Reserve Center St. Louis. I was told that they assisted families around Christmas with some extra toys that they have. What a surprise when I arrived. I was greeted by some of the most caring and friendly people I'd ever meet. My family and I ended up staying to assist with the sorting of all surplus of donations received. This was POST Christmas and after about 2 hours we sorted through several truck loads (53' Trailers) of brand new donated toys, games, and other children play things. I have volunteered with them 3 more times since then. Personally assisted a family in need with a new born to have enough diapers not only to get by but to last so the family didn't have to stress that purchase for a while. HEROES Care does more work than I have ever assisted with. Their staff is friendly, caring, loving, and come from a place of generosity. I cannot wait to visit again and assist helping more of our country's HEROES. An organization that believes in Honoring those who have given to our country. There isn't enough groups in the US that care for our Military and families.

JasonBJenkins, Volunteer

H.E.R.O.E.S. Care, Inc never disappoints us. At SLU we've partnered with them to send and pack hundreds of packages for soldiers. Each time, they help us with what we didn't collect, provide the packing facility, and make arrangements to ship. I met a soldier on the plane and we were talking about H.E.R.O.E.S. Care, he said he got a care package while deployed and it meant so much. He said it was a wonderful feeling. H.E.R.O.E.S. Care is all about the soldiers and veterans as well as their family. Both Jon and Dave serve those who serve our country. Can't ask for a better organization and if you have time, donate time; if you have money; donate money to help.
Yvonne27, Volunteer


I was spiraling downward fast. I had no home. I had no car. I had no work. Everyone I knew wanted nothing to do with me with the exception of a good woman, a little girl and the people at Heroes Care.

The same day I called them they found me a place to stay. It was one day after I was picked up and Heroes care found a job for me. The President and Vice President themselves spent time getting to know me and at the same time they invested in me. Heroes Care didnt see me as another case, they valued me as a person and a veteran during the times that I felt I had no value at all. They partnered with other charities and businesses to get a home for me. They did the same thing again to get a new SUV for me to drive to work. When I lost a job they would help find a new one for me. They did so much more than give. They poured wisdom and love into my life. They were a family to me.

I am now a business owner/ professional artist and I own a house, a car and a truck. I live a happy life. If it wasnt for the people at Heroes Care I wouldnt be alive. They completely restored my faith and helped me make a 180 degree turn in my life.

I am James and I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

I have seen the work these folks do and it is truly REMARKABLE!!!!

Gunny Sgt. Bill Kiefer, Donor

They provide diapers and Christmas toys for the military families that use our food pantry! Much needed support!

judyminard, Volunteer

H.E.R.O.E.S. Care, Inc. takes care of military members (current and former). They are self supported by donations in which they give back to the military 100% and more. They are always helping out when it comes to furniture, supplies, and event tickets for the local military community. They do ask anything in return, which makes one want to help them and their cause. We thank all of the members of HEROES Care for all that they do.

Client Served

HEROES Care is an amazing organization, from the lady in the warehouse to the guy in charge of the whole team. I highly recommend them as a place to do business with. They're growing at crazy speeds and their only goal is to help Veterans and their Families! I have no doubt that everyone of them would give the shirt off their backs if someone needed it. Keep up the great work! I'm proud to have been able to meet them all and even more proud to Know that such an incredible mission exists in today's society! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for what you do every day!


Great organization, they have helped my military unit many times. They have been there to support our family day functions, holiday gatherings and more!

Client Served

I have volunteered with this organization in the past and have involved my Army Reserve unit to assist as well. Great people and organization that's truly focused on the veteran and their families.


I am a heroes service volunteer and I think this program is fantastic. I only wish more men and woman of the military would join this program and have a caregiver walk with you or your spouse through this time in your life.

I am a heroes service volunteer and I think this program is fantastic. I only wish more men and woman of the military would join this program and have a caregiver walk with you or your spouse through this time in your life.


It is my privilege to volunteer with the Hometown Support Program here in CT. We received exceptional training for the work we do, and the support staff in St. Louis is constantly available to us for for advice/encouragement. H.E.R.O.E.S. Care is an organization run by the highest quality people with sky-high standards. It is the avenue by which I can finally do my part to serve those who so selflessly serve our nation---what an honor!

CTMom, Volunteer

At least once a year, a group of staff, family and friends from my place of employment gather at H.E.R.O.E.S. Care to put together care packages for troops who are deployed. It is a friendly competition between us to see how much we can put in the box and still close it. Last year, we set out to collect enough donations for 101 care packages to send to a unit deployed through Christmas. H.E.R.O.E.S. Care allowed us to use their space and when we ran out of donations, they gave us items to continue packing boxes. We finished with 103 boxes, but H.E.R.O.E.S. Care wasn’t finished. They ensured the boxes were addressed and shipped. We paid for the postage, they did all the coordinating and delivering to the local post office. Dave, Jon and the rest of the H.E.R.O.E.S. Care folks are wonderful people. They started years ago with a little girl’s dream and today, are positively impacting the lives of our military around the globe, their families and veterans. I’m a veteran and my life has been impacted just by volunteering. This is an organization focused on serving our military and their family; at times the support provided is life changing.


From my experience no soldier shall be in need with this organization in operation as they strive to fulfill any need and seem to always come through.

jkinealy, Client Served

We learned about how once a month they have a free furniture giveaway day where families can come and pick from couches, chairs, and several other types of items that were donated. It is a first come first serve basis and the volunteers are really nice and helpful. Most of the items were rejected by the main furniture company and were given to heroes care. Each piece may have a small blemish from being a floor model or a scratch from shipping. These items are still in almost perfect condition. For families that need help being able to come and get a really nice piece of furniture for no cost can really make a difference. The organization also has a toy day and several other giveaway days throughout the month.

jww7070, Client Served

They went out of their way in a downpour to deliver free Blues tickets to me at a bus stop 'cause I didn't have a car to come to them. Also they steered me to the right person in Jefferson City to help a fellow veteran who needed help.

louadolf, Client Served

I am very grateful for all that H.E.R.O.E.S. Care does for the military families. The staff is very friendly and supportive. My story is simple.

In the fall of 2008, when the economy started tanking, I lost my job, my home, and my good credit. As luck would have it, I lost my job just weeks after buying our first home in Los Angeles, CA. I would lose the home in foreclosure, my credit cards would all go into default because I was trying to save the house, and in turn, my strong credit would be destroyed.

In the years that followed, every additional penny earned has been spent on recovering from the negative impact a foreclosure and defaulted credit lines had on me. I joined the Reserves a few years ago and one of the immediate benefits I received was the ability to utilize the food pantry. It may sound cliche, but truly "every little bit helps" when trying to recover from financial demise. Because our focus over the last 7 years has been to get out of debt and repair negative credit lines, we don't go out very much. However, thanks to HEROES Care, we've been able to attend a few ball games and hockey games, which my boys enjoy very much. Additionally, they've supported my unit's Holiday/Christmas event each year and also provide school supplies as well.

It's those little things that add up over time. I am very grateful to the men and women who volunteer at HEROES Care and to all the very generous donors who make it possible. I am looking forward to the day when I will be in a better financial position so that I can become a frequent donor to HEROES Care.

Thank you to all of you at H.E.R.O.E.S. Care!

-Luis, Client Served

H.E.R.O.E.S Care is the human element so much needed by our soldiers. When our warriors are deployed they know that someone back home is supporting their families. They do not have to worry about the car breaking down because they know that it will be fixed. They know that if their loved one need to talk, H.E.R.O.E.S Care will be there. It's a piece of mind while they are in the battlefield. Thank you, Madel O'Neil


I am a military member who has worked as a First Sgt and a Family Readiness Assistant. I was just recently made aware of H.E.R.O.E.S Care and the organization is truly amazing. The help and support provided to the military families is just phenomenal. We have received many donations for our military members and I've had a chance to volunteer with them several times. I will continue to support H.E.R.O.E.S Care and I'm proud to be associated with them.

MilLifer, Volunteer

Jon and his crew are wonderful! My husband and I recently bought a new home, and without them, we would not have been able to furnish the house. We got 2 new dressers, a headboard, a solid wood entertainment center, a sleeper sofa, 2 lamps, a coffee table, and 2 end tables from them.
I also have worked as an Ombudsman and have seen and experienced the love and care that they have towards our sevicemen and servicewomen. They always have time to make sure that we all have whatever they can provide and an ear to listen. This great group of people love and care for all military families, and we love and care for them just as much!

Terri48, Client Served

I have personally seen how their work has bettered the lives of active duty and veterans. Our community is a better place because of them.

largede, Volunteer

While H.E.R.O.E.S. Care begin in Missouri, it stretches all across the United States. I am privileged to be a trained Hometown Support Volunteer and Outpost Leader here in Connecticut.

I am a civilian, and it is entirely my honor to come alongside members of the military and/or their loved ones and provide one-on-one, local, long-term support, for as long as needed and in any way possible: before, during and after one's deployment.

I am so grateful for the avenue of H.E.R.O.E.S. Care as it provides me with a way to give back; to serve those who so selflessly serve me. In addition, I have discovered a whole army of people who want to help--they just did not know how or where to start.

Additionally, I must note that this organization is what it says it is, and does what it claims to do. They have their priorities in order and truly deserve GREAT Nonprofit status. I am proud to be part of their efforts.

E.Knight, Rowayton, CT

I am the Family Readiness leader for the National Guard in Cape Girardeau, Mo. HEROES Care helps our soldiers with everything from diapers and clothes to furniture and food. Their reach doesn't stop at their front door, because of the relationships HEROES Care builds, they can call on volunteers all over. I was contacted to help out with a Navy Vietnam vet in our area who has fallen on hard times. I was able to deliver 3 boxes of food, free from HEROES Care, to help get them by until paperwork for the more permanent solution can be processed. This Veteran was so appreciative and glad to know someone cares.

richardet.am, Client Served

I've been in the military for almost 10 years and when I met my husband he was getting ready to be stationed at ft. bragg. I ended up moving up there to be with him and we had absolutely NO furniture and NO money! It was a stressful time for us. H.E.R.O.E.S. Care made a world of difference. They helped us when we were in a overwhelming position. We could not be more happy and more grateful and know that if we are in need again, they will be there for us.

ashleyw09, Client Served

Army Navy  Airforce Coast Guard

Better Business Bureau GuideStar CFC Great Non-Profit 2018 Charity Navigator 4 Star