Letters From Our Troops

My teamand I are overwhelmed with the support from HEROES CARE we just received and perfect timing as well. 
We are nearing the 5 month mark on this trip and logistical support of personal essentials, snacks and creature comforts has been a challenge.  Typically, my more remote locations have a PX truck that shows up every 3-5 weeks depending on the threat level.  As you can imagine a single truck shared with a decent number of people has its challenges.  Nonetheless, everything in the 20+ care packages was put to an excellent use.  Morale is at a new high. 

The timing was perfect as I am about to make another trip through our remote locations and they were desperately needing these packages.  I will for sure take them when we go. 

Again, a huge thank you for everything you all have done for me, my family, my team and our Veterans 


Hello! My name is Joshua Travis, I had received financial assistance from your organization in the past. I would just like to say Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your gratitude, help to me and my family. In addition, I want to give back to your organization!  If there are any events or social functions that your company having in my area or aboard I would love to be in here for it.


Jon and Dave were HUGE help when we went to move our Army National Guard Recruiting Storefront to new location. We had mis-matched furniture and items that Soldiers had built themselves, but nice furniture is hard to come by. Our recruiters work day in and day out to find qualified applicants and help young men and women serve their country-and they needed an office to boost morale and professional space for their daily appointments with families. it was amazing to see an organization so willing to help us put together a professional appearance for their office. THANK YOU to HEROES Care for their generosity and help. We are so grateful that HEROES Care was willing and able to accommodate needs and find the resources to help out our local Soldiers and Vets. We now (thanks to THEM!) have new office furniture and storage that not only matches the professional atmosphere with the high caliber character of the Soldiers that serve and work in this office daily. Appreciate all that you do and your generosity! Organizations like you are a GEM!


HEROES Care provides outstanding support of military members within the local community. Members of our Air Force unit provide volunteer support as well as receive support. HEROES Care has gone above and beyond to support unit-specific events to include pre and post deployment events as well as an annual Family Day. The organization has brought support to over 1200 members. To repay all they do for our members, we have attempted to repay by providing volunteers. During these events, they have given even more to the volunteers by ensuring the wellbeing of members comes first.


I am a single Soldier with seven children, and recently was donated new furniture that my family was in dire need for. H.E.R.O.E.S Care made it real easy to pick up, and also gave me more resources for future help.


Thank You for your support for the Baby Shower we had on May 7th for 15 veterans and their families at the Illiana VA in Danville, Illinois. Each family took home a large cart overflowing with items. Some of the veterans mentioned that without this event they would not have had what they needed to care for their 'new arrival'. Thank You again for your support.


I was spiraling downward fast. I had no home. I had no car. I had no work. Everyone I knew wanted nothing to do with me with the exception of a good woman, a little girl and the people at Heroes Care.

The same day I called them they found me a place to stay. It was one day after I was picked up and Heroes care found a job for me. The President and Vice President themselves spent time getting to know me and at the same time they invested in me. Heroes Care didnt see me as another case, they valued me as a person and a veteran during the times that I felt I had no value at all. They partnered with other charities and businesses to get a home for me. They did the same thing again to get a new SUV for me to drive to work. When I lost a job they would help find a new one for me. They did so much more than give. They poured wisdom and love into my life. They were a family to me.

I am now a business owner/ professional artist and I own a house, a car and a truck. I live a happy life. If it wasnt for the people at Heroes Care I wouldnt be alive. They completely restored my faith and helped me make a 180 degree turn in my life.

I am James and I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

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