Hear from volunteers and sponsors

10/17/2019     Truman Middle School:  Thank you for having us this morning!! We had a great time.  Megan   (see facebook   https://www.facebook.com/HeroesCare/photos/a.240431702194/10158559314527195/?type=3&theater )

10/16/2019     HSV volunteer:  I am the one who is blessed.  Thank you for all you do, individually and collectively --  and mostly for providing this avenue of service.  Very respectfully.  Evie 

10/16/2019     Donor :  I'ts amazing all the things you do at Heroes Care. It must be so appreciated, and in some cases probably essential, for the families you aid.  For sure there will be more donations from by side when the wallet provides.  Mattias

10/14/2019     AB Credit Union, Kathy:  This is what service excellance is all about!!!  What a great day bunch of people! 

10/14/2019     AB Credit Union, Sarah F:  My experience was educated, humbling & inspirational.  Small acts of kindness go great lenghts. 

10/1/42019     AB Credit Union, Christy:  Very emotional, rewarding day.  Really learned alot!  Thanks for all you do.  

10/14/2019     AB Credit Union, Debra:   What an amazing place and services provided.   Thank you for supporting our veterans. 

10/14/2019    AB Cedit  Union,  Lanna:  What  great service is done here for all that have served us and our country.  I feel honored to be able to do a small part to give back. 

10/12/2019     Thank you for letting me be a part of this experience.  At first i was hesitant or not fully sure if I wanted to voluteer. However, I had a lot of fun.  Hopefully more opportunities come up like this and get more volunteers for a bigger and better experince.   Joshua  USAF

10/12/2019     This volunteer experince ws waonderful!  I'll definitely recommend the rest of my unit come out to events like this in the future.  Thanks  A1C Doug  USAF

10/12/2019     I came to volunteer today, had an amazing time.  They do so much for the military it is amazing!   A1C  McNeely   USAF

10/12/2019     Came to this awasome warehouse to volunteer.  WOW!  I didn't know they supported our military with things we need to make life easier.  Everyon should volunteer here because Jon takes good care of you and your team.   A1C Dickerson   USAF

10/12/2019     Such an amazing experience!!  About to be a new mom and got so many great things we need !!   E4  Browne   USAF 

10/12/2019     Thank you for the amazing opportunity!  It's always great to give back to your community.  I so appreciate everything you have done for all guard, reserve and enlisted personnel.  Also, thank you for the suits and various other needed items!!      Jordyn  USAF 

10/12/2019     Love this place!  When you volunteer here not only is it rewarding by its also fun!!  The pizza was top notch!!  E4  Maya  USAF and m

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