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H.E.R.O.E.S. Care January 2014 Newsletter

MOBILE, Ala. - I was incredibly excited when the folks here at Soldiers asked me to write a post for caregivers. Of course I'm honored to be "here" (as a proud former Army wife, it's sort of a big deal!), but honestly, I was even more excited because it's yet another indica- tion that we (those caring for heroes who have served our country) are start- ing to actually be "seen." People are noticing us, what we do, what we face. And they're trying to help us DO all of it better.

I'll be honest about something else too. Deciding what I would have wanted to know in 2007 when I started this life, when I began my now often 24 7 "job" as a caregiver to my hero hubby, has been a challenge. There's a lot to know. And each of us, while our stories are similar, has a very different experience on this path.

So, I asked the smartest people I know (and some of the people I love most in the world). I asked a few hundred care- givers. I asked the people who have become a second family while walking through and working in this life beside me. They are also most definitely the only experts I know on this topic.

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