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H.E.R.O.E.S. Care February 2012 Newsletter

A newly released Army study on behavioral health shows a decline in Soldier suicides and more seeking treatment for their problems.

Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, Army vice chief of staff, discussed the findings of the report, "Generating Health and Disci-pline in the Force, Ahead of the Strategic Reset," at a Pentagon news conference Thursday. The three-year study outlines the problem of suicide in the Army and relat-ed issues of substance abuse, spouse abuse and child abuse.

Two years ago, the Army re-ported 210,000 soldiers sought treatment for behav-ioral health problems, Chi-arelli said, adding that public reaction was, "`My gosh, you`ve got that many in the Army? That`s not good, is it?`

"I told them we`d like to see that number go up," he said. "And in fact, it has gone up. It`s gone up to 280,000. I think we have begun the pro-cess in the Army of de-stigmatizing behavior health issues. That, to me, is abso-lutely critical.

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