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Letters from the Troops

From Jim on 02/23/2010

Another military family served...

Your generosity to the troops and your kind hearted selflessness have brought great joy and a renewed sense of purpose into my family`s life. Before our Ombudsmen told us of your operation and its abilities, we were just floating by worrying about what we were going to do when the new baby arrived. I was very apprehensive to call, for I have been in this situation most my life with my parents both being disabled, and try to keep a sense of pride in being able to provide the best for my family. Giving in to foolish pride and calling was the best thing I have done. The crib that Toys-R-Us donated to Operation Homefront was received by us on Christmas Eve day. I would have never dreamed of how beautiful it was or that it was even a new crib until I met you that afternoon. You went above and beyond the call of duty and also brought diapers and the gift card for us. Then on top of all the generosity, you took personal time away from your family on Christmas Eve to help bring these great gifts to our house due to my oversight regarding the size of the crib. You are truly amazing and a benefit to the military and their families in the St. Louis area. I can only pray that the sacrifices I make for our great country are received as well as yours. You are an inspiration to all and a great man. God bless you for the service you do for our troops and the sacrifices you make. Thank you for making Christmas for my family.

God bless and keep up the awesome work,

Equipment Operator First Class `Jim`, United States Navy and Family
St. Louis, MO
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